Migration management. Critical insights into new approaches to cross-border mobility

Lundi 23 avril

Séminaire croisé avec le séminaire MIMED.

Intervenant : Martin Geiger

Discutant : Cédric Parizot

Dr. Geiger has published extensively on the transformation of migration politics and the emergence of ‘migration management’ – a new leitmotif and ideology in migration governance which currently also dominates the discussions of a UN global compact on migration. This talk draws on field research in multiple locations, including Southern and Eastern Europe, and North America, and examines the increasing relevance of non-state and private actors in migration management, the activities and mechanisms under the umbrella of migration management, and most importantly their implications for migrants and their families, societies and the international state system.

This presentation focuses mostly on 2 collective books coordinated with Antoine Pécoud:

Geiger, M. and Pécoud, A. (2010/paperback 2012) The Politics of International Migration Management, Basingstoke et al.: Palgrave Macmillan.

Geiger, M. and Pécoud, A. (2013) Disciplining the Transnational Mobility of People, Basingstoke et al.: Palgrave Macmillan.


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